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Fluff for Ed

Wearing a burgundy suit, 11 stood outside of the TARDIS and watched Cardiff and the people in it. Leaning against the wooden surface he watched and waited for Ed to arrive. Being Valentines day he'd decided to do something special for him.
Adoption! Motherhood without the stretch marks!
Blue ice cream. One of the universes most delicious deserts.

Banana's the Doctor's obession

1, Yes, we have no bananas, we have-a no bananas today. Just try those coconuts, those wall-nuts and doughnuts, there ain't many nuts like they, we'll sell you two kinds of red herring, dark brown, and ball-bearing. But yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today!

2, Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

3, An overripe banana, yellow outside, squishy in.

4, A banana has five sides.

5, Banana Daiquiri recipe
Bottom of Form
1 1/2 oz light rum
1 tbsp triple sec
1 banana
1 1/2 oz lime juice
1 tsp sugar
1 cherry

6, Banana is the common name used for herbaceous plants of the genus Musa, and is also the name given to the fruit of these plants. They are native to the tropical region of Southeast Asia, the Malay Archipelago, and Australia. Today, they are cultivated throughout the Tropics, or Villengard.

7, I like bananas. Bananas are good.

8, Always take a banana to a party

9, Bananas are also humorously used as a phallic symbol due to similarities in size and shape.

10, Bananas can be stored for up to a week in a cool place but unripe bananas should not be stored in the refrigerator, as this may irreversibly interrupt the ripening process. If the banana is no longer green it is ripe and can be stored for a maximum of one week

Jul. 21st, 2007

The wreck of loneliness and despair.

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Time is not on my side!


Lost too many. Romana, Ace, Rose, Keavy...too many names.